Flat Lay Photography Tips For Instagram

Flat lay photography is on the rise. All thanks to Instagram, taking nice overhead pictures has sparked quite a frenzy! And if you want to take impressive photographs for your Instagram, flat lay photography is an important skill to master.

Whether you are a professional photographer or just an enthusiast, the following tips for creating the best flat lays will definitely benefit you. #DOITFORTHEGRAM


Photographers have a saying “It’s all about the light”. Since flat lay photography is all about the details, a soft natural light (in the morning or late afternoon) gives the best result. Avoid direct sunlight as that can can be a little too harsh and can cast shadows and cause too much contrast. Never mix two light sources (eg. sunlight + indoor lamp). Doing that messes up the white balance and can create strange colour cast in your photos.


Since there’s usually a lot going on in flat lays it’s always better to have a minimal background. The safest choice is a plain white background. But depending on the mood you want to create floor boards, textured rugs(as shown in the picture above) and marble tops work nicely too. To avoid making it messy and cluttered, the more products you have the more minimal the background must be.

Products and Elements

The products and elements form the main composition of any flat lay. Less is more especially if you have a product that you want to emphasise on. Avoid trying to fill all the space. Weird combinations of items will distract the whole flat lay. Whether you want a style that aligns all the items towards one main product, or want all items to spread throughout the photo, make sure there’s a focal point for your design.


It’s best to keep the photographs as natural as possible without the use of filter. Avoid over saturating your photos. The best flat lays are clean with consistent lighting.

When it comes to flat lays, it is nice to have your own unique touch mainly because flat lays are now so common. Having your own unique style is what will make your photography stand out so don’t be afraid to play around!

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