How can I delete people’s reactions on photos or videos in a club?

On Vebbler, you can only delete reactions that are on photos/videos that you’ve published.

To delete someone’s reactions from your post:

  1. Tap on your photo/video > Tap
  2. Long press on the reaction you don’t want on your photo/video
  3. Select ‘Delete Reaction’
  4. The reaction will be permanently deleted

If you don’t like a reaction on anyone’s post, you can report it to us:

  1. To report a comment long press the reaction
  2. Select ‘Report Reaction’
  3. The reaction will no more be visible to you.
  4. Note: Other people will still be able to view it

If you want to delete a reaction that’s on someone else’s photo/video, you may ask the owner of the photo to remove it. Once the owner of the post deletes it, the reaction will get permanently removed from Vebbler.