How do I create a new club?

You can create new club:

  • Via Camera
  1. Take a photo/video from the camera or choose a photo/video from your gallery 
  2. Tap ‘Next’ Tap ‘Send To’ 
  3. Tap New Club > Name the Club and Add a profile picture > Tap Club Option
  4. When you tap on ‘Club Option’, you will go to the ‘Who can see’ page where you can choose the type of club you want to create
  5. Once you select the type of club, tap ‘Club Members’ and choose the people who you want to be in that club
  6. You can also choose those who are not on Vebbler through your phone’s contact list. Once you choose all the members and create a club, Vebbler will automatically send an invite to them as a message to join the club.
  7. Tap Create Club to finish it.
  • On Club Page: 
  1. Tap  on the left corner of the screen to create a new club
  2. Select an option  Create New Club
  3. Name the club and you can select default stickers for the club depending upon the occasion
  4. Tap on Club Option
  5. Select the type of club you want to create from: Everyone, Followers, Members Only club
  6. Tap Club Members, add the members to the club you can post in the club along with you.
  7. Tap Create Club to finish it.